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316 Panasonic Industrial Devices Systems and Technology Co, Ltd .
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- 04/10

Inquiry Marketing Promotion Division / Okude Hiroaki
Address 1 Kotari-yakimachi, Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto 617-8520, Japan
TEL. 075-956-9499 FAX. 075-956-9945
[URL] http://panasonic.co.jp/pidst/
Exhibits in English We introduce "The AV solution on Linux and Linux kernel for Car Navigation system and Display Audio system" and "AV signal-processing IP“.
Our solution has the following merit.
- Our Linux for Japanese market which has truck records in E.U.
- High-definition and highly efficient AV / wireless communication middleware adapting Consumer AV technology
- Reduce the starting cost for every PF by the multi-PF correspondence BSP.
You can see the demonstration expressing each merit.
- The demonstration of Linux® solution with rapid boot and multi display.
- The demonstration of Miracast and ISDB(DTV)
- The demonstration of advanced the Noise canceler and WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)
Keywords Car Navigation; Navi; Display Audio; DA; Linux®; OS;IVI; Digital TV; Ground digital broadcasting; ISDB; Smart Phone cooperation ; Miracast; WDR; HDR; Noise Canceler; Image recognition; Speech recognition
Category Car Electronics
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