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Measurements of Car Body Deformation in ED Paint Tank and Oven by Water- and Heat-Resistant Displacement Meter and Comparison with CAE


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Author(J)1) 樫山 武士, 2) 大堀 敏郎, 3) 塩原 学, 4) 村野 義行, 5) 松本 拓哉
Author(E)1) Takeshi Kashiyama, 2) Toshiro Ohori, 3) Manabu Shiohara, 4) Yoshiyuki Murano, 5) Takuya Matsumoto
Affiliation(J)1) スズキ, 2) スズキ, 3) スズキ, 4) スズキ, 5) スズキ


Abstract(E)CAE has been employed to predict car body deformation due to water pressure and heat in the painting process. However, it is necessary to measure the deformation during painting process to verify the accuracy of the simulation. Thus, we designed a water- and heat-resistant displacement meter and measured the displacement on car body outer panels in ED paint tank and oven. And, the measured results are used to verify the thermal deformation CAE results.

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