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  • Summary & Details

Development of a Structural Optimization Tool to Achieve Various NV Requirements of Electrified Power Units


Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 宮内 新, 2) 小川 祐則, 3) 角田 芳秋, 4) 板橋 正記, 5) 古本 昌司
Author(E)1) Arata Miyauchi, 2) Masanori Ogawa, 3) Yoshiaki Kakuta, 4) Masaki Itabashi, 5) Masashi Furumoto
Affiliation(J)1) エステック, 2) エステック, 3) 本田技研工業, 4) 本田技研工業, 5) エステック
Affiliation(E)1) Estech, 2) Estech, 3) Honda Motor, 4) Honda Motor, 5) Estech


Abstract(E)As a countermeasure to environmental problems, electrified power units are more effective than conventional engines in automobiles. However, due to the complex NV requirements of hybrid vehicles, it is difficult to optimize the structural design through the entire power unit. The authors adapted machine learning techniques on the proven design optimization tool to perform a multi-objective optimization of the electric drive unit to simultaneously reduce whole engine vibration noise, drive-unit gear noise, and motor noise.

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