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  • Summary & Details

A Joint Approach Towards Data-driven Virtual Testing for Automated Driving: The AVEAS Project

Detailed Information

Category(E)Modeling and Simulation
Author(E)1) Mirjam Fehling-Kaschek, 2) Silke Forkert, 3) Andreas Forster, 4) Henrik Gommel, 5) Susanne Günther, 6) Stephan Hammer, 7) David Hermann, 8) Leon Eisemann, 9) Marvin Klemp, 10) Florian Lüttner, 11) Maria Pohle, 12) Dominik Schreiber, 13) Cathrina Sowa, 14) Daniel Stadler, 15) Janina Stompe, 16) Michael Strobelt, 17) David Unger, 18) Jens Ziehn
Affiliation(E)1) Fraunhofer EMI / IOSB / IVI, 2) PTV Planung Transport Verkehr GmbH, 3) Continental Automotive Technologies GmbH, 4) GOTECH GmbH, 5) Fraunhofer EMI / IOSB / IVI, 6) Spiegel Institut Ingolstadt GmbH, 7) Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, 8) Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, 9) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, 10) Fraunhofer EMI / IOSB / IVI, 11) Fraunhofer EMI / IOSB / IVI, 12) Fraunhofer EMI / IOSB / IVI, 13) dSPACE GmbH, 14) Fraunhofer EMI / IOSB / IVI, 15) UnderstandAI GmbH, 16) Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, 17) Allianz Zentrum für Technik, 18) Fraunhofer EMI / IOSB / IVI

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