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  • Summary & Details

Interim report of SIP-adus~Industry-Government-Academia collaborative challenge for Automated driving realization~

自動運転実現に向けた産学官連携の取り組み~第2期SIP自動運転 中間進捗報告~

Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 葛巻 清吾
Author(E)1) SEIGO Kuzumaki
Affiliation(J)1) 内閣府/SIP/トヨタ自動車
Affiliation(E)1) Cabinet Office/SIP/Toyota Motor Corporation


Abstract(E)SIP-adus, Strategic innovation promotion program of Automated driving system for universal service, proceeds R&Ds with Industry-Government-Academia collaboration, setting 2020 as a milestone.In this speech, reviewed first 3 years of 5 years’ project, and explained priority activities in next 2 years.

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