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Development of High Performance Dy-free Nd-Fe-B Anisotropic Bonded Magnet and Prospects for Electric Vehicle Axle Applications


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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 度會 亜起, 2) 山崎 理央
Author(E)1) Aki Watarai, 2) Masao Yamazaki
Affiliation(J)1) 愛知製鋼, 2) 愛知製鋼
Abstract(J)今後の自動車の電動化に伴い, モータに用いられるNd-Fe-B系磁石の需要は高まる一方で将来的な供給不足が懸念される. この課題を解決するには, 高性能DyフリーNd-Fe-B系異方性ボンド磁石を用いた電動アクスルの高速回転化による省資源化が有効だと考えられる. 本稿では開発した高性能磁石と、それを用いた電動アクスルの展望を述べる.


Abstract(E)With the electrification of automobiles in the future, the demand for Nd-Fe-B magnets used in those motors will increase. On the otherhand, there are concerns about future supply shortages of them. To solve this problem, resource saving of E-Axle by high-speed rotation using high-performance Dy-free Nd-Fe-B anisotropic bonded magnets is effective. This paper describes the development of high-performance magnets and future prospects of E-Axle using them.

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