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Innovative Optical and Wireless Network for developing Ultra-high Performance IT Infrastructures with Low Power Consumption


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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 荒金 陽助
Author(E)1) Yosuke Aragane
Affiliation(J)1) 日本電信電話
Abstract(J)AIなどの最新のサービスは、潤沢な性能とそれに伴う膨大な電力をインフラに求める。IOWNは光電融合技術を活用することで、卓越した性能と低消費電力を両立する次世代のネットワーク、コンピューティングインフラである。オープンコミュニティであるIOWN GFにて、様々なメンバと共にIOWNの開発を進めている。


Abstract(E)Like AI-based applications, ever improving services require more and more capabilities of IT infrastructures. Using the innovative Photonics-Electronics Convergence Technology, Innovative Optical and Wireless Network(IOWN)aims to develop the next generation network and computing infrastructure with low-power consumption which is important feature for the carbon neutrality. All-Photonics Network guarantees ultra-low latency transmission by providing direct wavelength path without packet routing. Photonics Disaggregated Computing enables ultra-scalable and reliable computing infrastructure beyond box-based computing architectures. IOWN Global Forum was established in January 2020 for developing IOWN relevant technologies and use cases with a lot of members from diverse industries.

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