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Applied the Thermal Interface Material for Battery Cooling and Future Prospects


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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 北田 学
Author(E)1) Gaku Kitada
Affiliation(J)1) 積水化学工業
Abstract(J)日産アリアのバッテリ液冷システムに採用した高熱伝導材料(Gap Filler)の特徴,自動車での使われ方及び取組み内容について説明する.車載状態を模したGap Fillerの熱抵抗評価を実施するため,評価試料の作成及び熱抵抗算出方法を設定し,各種Gap Filler評価及び耐久特性評価を実施した.


Abstract(E)The thermal interface material which is called Gap Filler has been applied for Battery cooling of NISSAN ARIYA. It is described the feature on the Gap Filler from different point of view with similar products. To evaluate the thermal resistance with vehicle installation nearly, the stacked sample which is made of Gap Filler and adhesive surface has been used and set calculation formula to clarify the contact thermal resistance. As a result, it has been compared the thermal resistance with some samples in initial and after aging.

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