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Development of Hybrid Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion


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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 安永 健, 2) 森﨑 敬史, 3) 池上 康之, 4) 新崎 未奈
Author(E)1) Hiroshi Fujimoto, 2) Takafumi Morisaki, 3) Yasuyuki Ikegami, 4) Mina Shinzaki
Affiliation(J)1) 佐賀大学, 2) 佐賀大学, 3) 佐賀大学, 4) ダイハツ工業


Abstract(E)Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion(OTEC)is a power generation system driven by vertical temperature difference in the ocean. This paper describes the characteristics of a hybrid-OTEC, which simultaneously produces electricity and water, and recent development. A combination of OTEC and deep seawater applications will provide sustainable power, water, and food, which is very attractive towards sustainable societies. An understanding of OTEC scientific performance based on finite-time thermodynamics will be applicable for exhaust heat recovery power generation and thermal engineering.

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