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Diamond Quantum Sensor for Measuring Current with Ultra-High Precision over a Wide Measurement Range


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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 中園 晃充, 2) 谷川 純也, 3) 波多野 雄治, 4) 岩崎 孝之, 5) 波多野 睦子
Author(E)1) Akimichi Nakazono, 2) Jyunya Tanigawa, 3) Yuji Hatano, 4) Takayuki Iwasaki, 5) Mutsuko Hatano
Affiliation(J)1) 矢崎総業, 2) 矢崎総業, 3) 東京工業大学, 4) 東京工業大学, 5) 東京工業大学


Abstract(E)The diamond NV center can sense magnetic field (current), electric field (voltage) and temperature simultaneously with a wide measurement range. As it operates under room temperature and atmospheric pressure, a wide range of industrial application is possible. In Quantum Leap Flagship Program, the authors are studying on NV center-based current sensor with high precision for storage battery used in electric power infrastructure and electric vehicle. In this paper, the characteristics of NV center is described from the measurement principle of NV center and the verification results of prototype of current sensor.

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