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Affordable EV Bus Development Utilizing Passenger EV Production Technology Including Demonstration Test in Metropolitan Public Bus Route


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Author(J)1) 松田 俊郎, 2) 宮崎 信也, 3) 福沢 達弘, 4) 水越 篤志, 5) 藤原 健吾, 6) 井部 精治, 7) 寺村 浩徳
Author(E)1) Toshiro Matsuda, 2) Shinya Miyazaki, 3) Tatsuhiro Fukuzawa, 4) Atsushi Mizukoshi, 5) Kengo Fujiwara, 6) Seiji Ibe, 7) Hironori Teramura
Affiliation(J)1) 熊本大学, 2) イズミ車体製作所, 3) エンビジョンAESCジャパン, 4) ピューズ, 5) 日産自動車, 6) 愛知機械工業, 7) 熊本大学


Abstract(E)We have achieved affordable EV bus development based on technologies from "EV system development for large vehicles (FY2016- 2018)", which consists of new technologies such as High energy battery, High power motor system including high torque capacity reduction gear, and 100 kW quick charging. The demonstration test in metropolitan areas has been completed, and its performance has been confirmed as good.

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