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Roll Dynamics Control Method for Steering Input Considering Coupling of XY-plane and Roll


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Author(J)1) 竹内 琢磨, 2) 勝山 悦生
Author(E)1) Takuma Takeuchi, 2) Etsuo Katsuyama
Affiliation(J)1) トヨタ自動車, 2) トヨタ自動車
Abstract(J)人の感性にあった車両運動の実現に際して,ばね上挙動が重要であることは周知である. その中でも,ロール運動は乗り心地との背反を考慮した制御デバイスによる設計も多数行われている. 本稿では,特に操舵入力時のロール動特性を任意に設計するため,平面とロールの連成を考慮した制御ロジックの設計手法について述べる.


Abstract(E)Drive subjective impression is still highly valued in the revolution of automobile represented by CASE. Especially, vehicle dynamics by driver steering input contributes largely to driver subjective impression. Among these dynamics, roll dynamics is known for its importance for driver feeling, and considerable number of researches have been reported. From these researches, roll dynamics by driver steering input is expected to be designed from the viewpoint of driver subjective impression. However, hardware modification such as coil spring rate or shock absorber damping for roll dynamics design are difficult because of conflict to ride comfort. In this study, a control method based on the three-degree of freedom (3DOF) vehicle model for suspension control devices is proposed. This model includes the coupling of XY-plane and roll. The importance of this characteristic for the control of roll dynamics is analyzed and the effectiveness of the proposed method is vilified by full-vehicle simulation.

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