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Development of Chronological Measurement Method of Three-Dimensional Toe Board Deformation During Frontal Crash


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Author(J)1) 中田 杏里, 2) 古川 知成, 3) 柴田 慎輔, 4) 橋本 透
Author(E)1) Azusa Nakata, 2) Tomonari Furukawa, 3) Shinsuke Shibata, 4) Toru Hashimoto
Affiliation(J)1) 本田技研工業, 2) バージニア大学, 3) 本田技研工業, 4) 本田技研工業


Abstract(E)This paper presents a technique to measure and position a toe board during car crash tests. The three-dimensional deformation of the toe board marked with dots is measured using stereovision. As the stereovision fixed to the car vibrates in a crash, observed deformation includes motions of the stereovision itself. By mounting the stereovision on a sensor suite that contains gyros and a camera facing downward, the suite measures the position of the stereovision with respect to the global frame and allows the positioning of the toe board. The effectiveness of the proposed technique was validated in the actual car crash test.

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