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Analyzing Driver’s Gaze Behavior Influenced by Road Projection Lamp


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Author(J)1) 山口 遊, 2) 岡藤 勇希, 3) 和田 隆広, 4) 村上 一臣, 5) 石田 裕之
Author(E)1) Yu Yamaguchi, 2) Yuki Okafuji, 3) Takahiro Wada, 4) Kazuomi Murakami, 5) Hiroyuki Ishida
Affiliation(J)1) 立命館大学, 2) 立命館大学, 3) 奈良先端技術大学院大学, 4) 小糸製作所, 5) 小糸製作所


Abstract(E)Recently, road projection lamp systems that present information on the road surface have been developed for the purpose of improving driving safety. However, it is still unclear how the driver's gaze behavior and visual attention are influenced by the road projection lamps. Therefore, in this study, we evaluated the effect of road projection lamp in terms of the driver's gaze behavior and visual attention when various types of road projection lamp were displayed through the driving simulator study. The results revealed that the non-directional road projection (exclamation mark) attracted the driver's gaze around the projection, making the driver pay attention to a wider area.

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