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Changes of Behavior and Mobility in Elderly during COVID-19 Epidemic


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Author(J)1) 山内 さつき, 2) 島崎 敢, 3) 小嶋 理江, 4) 米川 隆, 5) 武田 夏佳, 6) 新海 裕子, 7) 青木 宏文
Author(E)1) Satsuki Yamauchi, 2) Kan Shimazaki, 3) Masae Kojima, 4) Takashi Yonekawa, 5) Natsuka Takeda, 6) Hiroko Shinkai, 7) Hirofumi Aoki
Affiliation(J)1) 名古屋大学未来社会創造機構, 2) 名古屋大学未来社会創造機構, 3) 名古屋大学未来社会創造機構, 4) 名古屋大学未来社会創造機構, 5) 名古屋大学未来社会創造機構, 6) 名古屋大学未来社会創造機構, 7) 名古屋大学未来社会創造機構


Abstract(E)In the present study, we conducted a questionnaire survey to clarify the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic on the physical and mental health of elderly people and the changes in the feelings of elderly drivers toward driving. The number of outings, which decreased during the period of emergency declaration, gradually recovered to the level before COVID-19 epidemic. However, the number of outings for leisure and social activities did not recover. The number of times they used public transportation decreased, and the number of times they used cars driven by others increased. In addition, the number of times they drove by themselves decreased slightly, and their anxiety about driving by themselves increased. Furthermore, communication with others was association with mental health in the elderly. There is concern that the COVID-19 epidemic may cause a decline in quality of life in the elderly.

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