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Automatic Steering Control of an Unmanned Transport Truck in Off-road Environments


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Author(J)1) 植月 悠記, 2) 渥美 友喜, 3) 倉鋪 圭太, 4) 菅原 宏, 5) 大場 優人, 6) 前田 元気, 7) 福水 洋平, 8) 深尾 隆則
Author(E)1) Yuki Uetsuki, 2) Tomoyuki Atsumi, 3) Keita Kurashiki, 4) Hiroshi Sugawara, 5) Yuto Oba, 6) Genki Maeda, 7) Yohei Fukumizu, 8) Takanori Fukao
Affiliation(J)1) スズキ,立命館大学, 2) 立命館大学, 3) 立命館大学, 4) スズキ, 5) スズキ, 6) スズキ, 7) 立命館大学, 8) 東京大学
Abstract(J)オフロード環境下では,白線などは存在せず,道路の境界はセンサにより検出される.その境界は滑らかではなく検出された境界に基づく自動操舵制御には問題がある.本論文では,非線形重み付きのPath Followingを提案する.提案手法により車両は走行可能領域内で滑らかにかつ安全に走行できることを確認した.


Abstract(E)In structured environments, steering control of autonomous driving is almost performed by using localization based on lane markers. However, in off-road environments, there are no lane markers and the road boundary is detected by some sensors. The boundary is not smooth and automatic steering control based on the detected boundaries has problems. In this paper, path following control with the nonlinear weight of lateral errors is proposed. The lateral error is derived from the boundary which is detected by using deep learning. In conclusion, it was confirmed by actual vehicle experiments, the proposed method worked well on agricultural roads.

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