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Driver Interventions during Emergency Manoeuvres by Level-3 Automated Vehicles


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Author(J)1) 本間 亮平, 2) 栗山 あずさ, 3) 小高 賢二
Author(E)1) Ryohei Homma, 2) Azusa Kuriyama, 3) Kenji Kodaka
Affiliation(J)1) 日本自動車研究所, 2) 日本自動車研究所, 3) 日本自動車工業会


Abstract(E)The interaction between a Society of Automobile Engineers Level-3 automated vehicle and a driver is an important issue in automobile automation. We conducted a driving simulator experiment to investigate driver intervention during the system's emergency manoeuvre (EM) when encountering an imminent collision risk during automated driving. As a result of suspending EM due to driver intervention, collision risk decreased when no vehicles were adjacent. In contrast, collision risk increased when adjacent vehicles existed. Therefore, the results suggest that there are situations in which it is better to inhibit driver intervention during EM, such as when the driver steers toward an adjacent vehicle.

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