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  • Summary & Details

Clarifying Generation Mechanism of Drive-Chain Resonance in Motorcycle and Establishing its Prediction Method


Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 山本 耕平, 2) 八木 啓太, 3) 伊東 飛鳥
Author(E)1) Kohei Yamamoto, 2) Keita Yagi, 3) Asuka Ito
Affiliation(J)1) 本田技研工業, 2) 本田技研工業, 3) 本田技研工業
Affiliation(E)1) Honda Motor, 2) Honda Motor, 3) Honda Motor


Abstract(E)The string resonance that occasionally occurs in motorcycle drive-chain is not only in the vertical direction of body but also in the left and right direction, and its interference with surrounding parts has been an issue. In this study, we clarified its generating mechanism based on the analysis of the actual resonance state. And also, we defined the dynamical model for chain, established the prediction method using multibody dynamics.

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