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  • Summary & Details

Active Vehicle Body Pitch Control for Automated Shuttle Considering with the Effects to Passenger Dynamics


Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 霜野 慧亮, 2) 加藤 粋, 3) 平岡 敏洋, 4) 須田 義大
Author(E)1) Keisuke Shimono, 2) Kiyoshi Kato, 3) Toshihiro Hiraoka, 4) Yoshihiro Suda
Affiliation(J)1) 東京大学, 2) 東京大学, 3) 東京大学, 4) 東京大学
Affiliation(E)1) The University of Tokyo, 2) The University of Tokyo, 3) The University of Tokyo, 4) The University of Tokyo
Abstract(J)レベル4以上の自動運転車両を対象として,乗客の快適性と安全性を期待し,加減速時に車体ピッチ角回転を制御して乗客に作用する慣性力を低減するActive Pitch Control(APC)が検討されている.APC適用時に,車体のピッチ回転には低周波の振動的な挙動が生じると予想される.本稿ではこの挙動が乗客に与える影響について基礎的な検討を述べる.


Abstract(E)Passenger accidents caused by sudden acceleration or braking by bus are serious problem. Also automated bus, especially automated shuttle will face same problem. Falls, one of fatal accidents, for passenger caused by inertia force. If these forces are reduced, those accidents can be reduced. The Active Pitch Control method is introduced to reduce the forces. This method reduces inertia force for passenger by pitching motion on the vehicle in case of acceleration or deceleration. However, the pitching motion can include some slow vibration. This paper discusses the effects to passenger by such slow oscillated motion caused by the control.

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