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Characteristics of Sound Emission in Different Road Traffic Noise Prediction Models


Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 岡田 恭明
Author(E)1) Yasuaki Okada
Affiliation(J)1) 名城大学
Affiliation(E)1) Meijo University
Abstract(J)日本音響学会より,新しい道路交通騒音の予測モデルASJ RTN-Model 2018が提案されている。本モデルでは,車種別のA特性音響パワーレベルが速度を関数とした式で与えられ,道路勾配や放射指向特性が補正できる。今回,ASJ RTN-Modelの音源特性の概要と,欧州におけるCNOSSOS-EU,-NL,-FR,sonROAD,Nordで用いられている音源モデルとの比較結果について述べる。


Abstract(E)The Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ) has published a new version of road traffic noise prediction model “ASJ RTN-Model 2018”. In this model, the calculation method for the A-weighted sound power level of each vehicle type is given as a function of the running speed, and the changes in noise emission due to the road gradient and sound radiation directivity can be considered. In this paper, the outline of noise emission in ASJ RTN-Model, and the results of comparison with noise emission in prediction models in European countries such as CNOSSOS-EU, -NL, -FR, sonROAD and Nord are described.

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