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  • Summary & Details

Measurement of Air Flow and Radiation Sound Distribution around a Vehicle and Rolling Tire Shape during On-Road Driving using a Still Camera and Mirror Images


Detailed Information

Author(E)1) Masao Ishihama, 2) Motohiro Kanda, 3) Shouji Yuasa
Affiliation(E)1) Ishihamagiken Consulting, 2) System Plus, 3) System Plus


Abstract(E)We have developed a method for observing and photographing the following phenomena while driving on the road without using a large wind tunnel or high-speed cameras. They are 1) airflow around a vehicle body, 2) air flowing through wheel openings, 3) deformation of rolling tires and 4) intensity distribution of noise sources on a vehicle surface. The tools used are a) a mirror installed along the roadside or on the bottom of a pit that dug down the road and b) a still image camera and an acoustic camera fixed on the vehicle body or on the rotating wheels.

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