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  • Summary & Details

Characteristics analysis of combined heat transfer coefficient on each body part of thermal manikin and its impact on equivalent temperature by means of measurement


Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 永野 秀明, 2) 森下 正浩, 3) 尾関 義一, 4) 大井 元, 5) 六嶋 公平, 6) 吉田 真, 7) 加藤 信介
Author(E)1) Hideaki Nagano, 2) Masahiro Morishita, 3) Yoshiichi Ozeki, 4) Hajime Oi, 5) Kohei Rokushima, 6) Makoto Yoshida, 7) Shinsuke Kato
Affiliation(J)1) 東京都市大学, 2) ハイリマレリジャパン, 3) AGC, 4) 日産自動車, 5) デンソー, 6) マツダ, 7) 東京大学
Affiliation(E)1) Tokyo City University, 2) Highly Marelli Japan, 3) AGC, 4) Nissan Motor, 5) DENSO, 6) Mazda, 7) The University of Tokyo


Abstract(E)Combined heat transfer coefficient of each body segment of naked thermal manikin has been investigated for evaluation of equivalent temperature defined in ISO14505 through measurement in climate chamber. The impact of the differences of the thermal manikin’s shape, the environmental temperature, and the calculation formula of reference temperature have been discussed by comparing with the values reported in the prior studies. In addition, the sensitivity of the combined heat transfer coefficient to the equivalent temperature under the cooling / heating conditions have been analyzed.

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