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Efficiency Estimation for Virtual System based on Inverter Model using Semiconductor Parameter and Thermal Management in Electric Vehicle


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Category(E)PPT slides
Author(J)1) 有本 志峰, 2) 岩月 健, 3) 辻 公壽, 4) 渡邉 智博
Author(E)1) Shiho Arimoto, 2) Ken Iwatsuki, 3) Kimitoshi Tsuji, 4) Tomohito Watanabe
Affiliation(J)1) 日立アステモ株式会社, 2) ㈱アイシン, 3) ㈱デジタルツインズ, 4) ㈱テクノプロ テクノプロデザイン社
Affiliation(E)1) HitachiAstemo,Ltd.,, 2) AISIN CORPORATION, 3) Digital Twins Inc., 4) TechnoPro, Inc. TechnoPro Design Company


Abstract(E)PHEV and EV need a high-power inverter circuit for driving the e-motor. The motor rotational speed and torque depend on the swiching frequency and power from the inverter. Therefore, it’s important to adjust the specifications of the inverter together with those of the e-motor to optimize the vehicle performance.
In this project, we created an EV simulation model with the VHDL-AMS (a international standard language) and connected it to a battery, inverter, ECU, and motor model. The simulation model was also used to adjust the parameter of power devices and estimate the efficiency of the inverter circuit.

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