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  • Summary & Details

Actions for Carbon Neutrality in the EU

06-21 「 カーボンニュートラル化に貢献するガス燃料 」欧州のカーボンニュートラルに向けた取組

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Category(E)PPT slides
Author(J)1) 清水 透
Author(E)1) Tohru Shimizu
Affiliation(J)1) 一般財団法人 日本エネルギー経済研究所 環境ユニット 気候変動グループ
Affiliation(E)1) Climate Change Group, Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Unit, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan


Abstract(E)This presentation shows a concrete picture of the EU's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, as presented in the long-term strategy, and introduces the recent policy trends related to the transport sector. In addition, comparisons are made with China, Japan, and other countries to show their efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.

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