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E-Defense activities for facility operation and evaluation and development experiments


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Category(E)PPT slides
Author(J)1) 梶原 浩一
Author(E)1) 表記なし
Affiliation(J)1) 国立研究開発法人防災科学技術研究所
Affiliation(E)1) National Research Institute of Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
Abstract(J)E-ディフェンスは、実大 3 次元震動破壊実験施設の愛称である。これまで 113 課題の実験を完遂し、運用のノウハウも蓄積している。研究では、建物のモニタリングシステムの普及を見据え、非線形な減衰と剛性の時刻歴変動の同定手法の研究も実施している。ここでは、E-ディフェンス活動の概要について紹介する。


Abstract(E)E-Defense is officially called as “3-dimensional Full-Scale Earthquake Testing Facility” and has been operated as a shared facility from 2005. As of last year, we have completed 113 projects with gotten know-how of E-Defense operation skill without accident and trouble. Now, we’re summarizing know-how in a manual for the continuous operation. As for seismic research, we now focus on the development of structural health monitoring system to practically use and studying the nonlinear dynamics inversion method for identify the time-history of stiffness and dumping of structures dynamics under seismic shaking.
In this paper, presented the outline of E-Defense activities.

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