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Clarify the Mechanism to reduce Interior Booming Noise by NewlyDeveloped Noise Absorbing and Insulation Structure


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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 中野 光章, 2) 福本 一朗, 3) 伊藤 尚文, 4) 立木 智博, 5) 池田 巧, 6) 槇 徹雄, 7) 櫻井 俊彰, 8) 杉町 敏之
Author(E)1) Mitsuaki Nakano, 2) Ichiro Fukumoto, 3) Takafumi Ito, 4) Tomohiro Tsuiki, 5) Takumi Ikeda, 6) Tetsuo Maki, 7) Toshiaki Sakurai, 8) Toshiyuki Sugimachi
Affiliation(J)1) 河西工業, 2) 河西工業, 3) 河西工業, 4) 河西工業, 5) 東京都市大学, 6) 東京都市大学, 7) 東京都市大学, 8) 東京都市大学


Abstract(E)Conventional noise absorber such as felt, non-woven and urethane material is well performed from mid to high frequency, but need to use heavy weight material such as rubber on this conventional noise absorber to reduce low frequency. Report the study to use newly developed structure design material to work well as same as acoustic meta-material.

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