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Discussion of Human AI Interaction in Autonomous Driving Society Recent Committee Activities in Human Centered Design Organization

自動運転社会におけるHuman AI Interaction HCD-Netにおける委員会活動の紹介

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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 鱗原 晴彦, 2) 山口 恒久, 3) 吉武 良治
Author(E)1) Haruhiko Urokohara, 2) Tunehisa Yamaguchi, 3) Ryoji Yoshitake
Affiliation(J)1) U'eyes Design, 2) 明電舎, 3) 芝浦工業大学


Abstract(E)Since the relationship between humans and AI technology becomes important, we are focusing on autonomous driving public buses as one of the typical cases. Our committee has been tackled this issue in 2020 with two working groups. WG1 organized and categorized the users and stakeholders in the autonomous driving society as a whole and explored issues to be addressed. WG2 discussed "consensus building / human behavior and boundaries of responsibility / negligence offset rate”. This paper introduces the progresses, activity visions and future issues.

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