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Eff ectiveness of Driver’s Workload Reduction by Hands-off Functionin Driver Assistance System


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Category(E)Hot Topics
Author(J)1) 塚田 竹美, 2) 戸田 明祐, 3) 石川 峻也, 4) 藤木 有司, 5) 石橋 基範 
Author(E)1) Takemi Tsukada, 2) Akihiro Toda, 3) Shunya Ishikawa, 4) Yuji Fujiki, 5) Motonori Ishibashi
Affiliation(J)1) 本田技研工業, 2) 本田技研工業, 3) 本田技研工業, 4) 本田技研工業, 5) 日本大学


Abstract(E)Hands-off function of driver assistance system is expected to have an effect on driver’s workload reduction of cognition, judgement and operation. In this study, effectiveness of the hands-off function was examined through a field test of highway driving. The experiment revealed the effectiveness from the aspect of driver’s subjective fatigue and effort, heart rate variability as an index for mental workload, and muscular activity as an index for physical workload. Furthermore,in the use of driver assistance system, a model of workload factors and their structure was shown, which included contribution ratio of each factor.

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