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Research into integrated vehicle control ordered by six-component force at center of gravity


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Author(J)1) 勝山 悦生, 2) 狩野 芳郎, 3) 山門 誠, 4) 安部 正人
Author(E)1) Etsuo Katsuyama, 2) Yoshio Kano, 3) Makoto Yamakado, 4) Masato Abe
Affiliation(J)1) トヨタ自動車, 2) 神奈川工科大学, 3) 神奈川工科大学, 4) 神奈川工科大学


Abstract(E)Various control devices for vehicle motion have been developed. Generally, it’s difficult to apply targeted forces accurately to vehicles equipped with multiple actuators because the actuator forces are coupling complicatedly each other. To resolve the problem, a way to express the targeted vehicle motion in six-component force at the center of gravity and a calculating method of longitudinal, lateral and vertical forces of each tire to realize the six-component force have been proposed with consideration of the tire workloads. The proposed method realizes targeted vehicle motion in the most efficient way.

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