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The construction of a fuel consumption estimation model for hybrid vehicle


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Author(J)1) 小林 貴, 2) 鈴木 央一
Author(E)1) Takashi Kobayashi, 2) Hisakazu Suzuki
Affiliation(J)1) 交通安全環境研究所, 2) 交通安全環境研究所
Abstract(J)燃費は車速パターンにより大きく左右されるため、その評価方法が必要となる。ハイブリッド車ではとくに燃費の予測が難しい。本研究ではハイブリッド車の実走行データからTS(Trip Segment)モデルによる燃費予測モデルを作成し、任意の車速パターンを走行した場合の実燃費の予測を試みるとともに、その精度等について分析した。


Abstract(E)A fuel economy evaluation method which works for a freely selected speed pattern is necessary because fuel economy is in accordance with the vehicle speed patterns. In a hybrid vehicle, construction of the evaluation method is especially difficult due to changing between the engine drive and motor drive. This paper aims to consider the fuel economy evaluation method which works for a freely selected speed pattern on hybrid vehicles. We analyzed the 187 trip real road driving data that was made by a hybrid vehicle over a year and constructed Trip Segment Model which has been developed for vehicle emission.

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