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A Study on Precision Test Method of Real Driving Emissions for Gasoline Passenger Vehicles by Focusing on Pitot Tube and Emission Measuring Position


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Author(J)1) 奥井 伸宜
Author(E)1) Nobunori Okui
Affiliation(J)1) 自動車技術総合機構


Abstract(E)When Light-duty vehicles emissions are tested on road, Real Driving Emission (RDE) testing method is adopted. RDE method introduces Portable Measurement Emissions System (PEMS) and Pitot tube, which measures exhaust-gas flow. Light-duty gasoline vehicle has many kinds of the tailpipe position and multiple. Therefore, it is difficult to measure the correct emissions and exhaust-gas flow at tailpipe out. In this study, to estimate more correct RDE data, we validated another approach, which setup Pitot tube and sampling point of emissions at upstream muffler. By adopted this approach, RDE emission data is more correct and setup of PEMS and Pitot tube is much easier.

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