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Adhesive Strength Evaluation Method of Scarf Joint by Using the Intensity of Singular Stress Field (ISSF)


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Author(J)1) 野田 尚昭, 2) 高木 怜, 3) 王 彪, 4) 王 思瑞, 5) 石田 大貴, 6) 佐野 義一, 7) 宮﨑 達二郎
Author(E)1) Nao-Aki Noda, 2) Rei Takaki, 3) Biao Wang, 4) Sirui Wang, 5) Daiki Ishida, 6) Yoshikazu Sano, 7) Tatsujiro Miyazaki
Affiliation(J)1) 九州工業大学, 2) 九州工業大学, 3) 九州工業大学, 4) 九州工業大学, 5) 九州工業大学, 6) 九州工業大学, 7) 琉球大学


Abstract(E)The previous study shows the adhesive strength can be expressed as a constant value of the critical ISSF (Intensity of Singular Stress Field) for butt joints. This study deals with the scarf joint considering two ISSFs corresponding to two distinct singular stress fields. How to evaluate the scarf joint strength is described in comparison with the lap joint having similar two ISSFs. The debonding strength for scarf joints and lap joints can be predicted by the singular stress 𝜎𝜎𝜃𝜃𝜃𝜃(10μm).

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