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Low Computational-Cost Design Method for Automotive Ride Comfort with Eigenvalue Analysis


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Author(J)1) 森田 菜月, 2) 河口 篤志, 3) 阿部倉 貴憲, 4) 松森 唯益, 5) 山中 玄太郎
Author(E)1) Natsuki Morita, 2) Atsushi Kawaguchi, 3) Takanori Abekura, 4) Tadayoshi Matsumori, 5) Gentaro Yamanaka
Affiliation(J)1) 豊田中央研究所, 2) 豊田中央研究所, 3) 豊田中央研究所, 4) 豊田中央研究所, 5) 豊田中央研究所


Abstract(E)This study proposes a low computational-cost design method for ride comfort. The point of the proposed method is to replace the computationally expensive multibody dynamic calculation with the computationally reasonable eigenvalue analysis. To establish the method, we focused on the analogy of the eigenmodes with the features extracted by PARAFAC decomposition from the obtained results with the multibody dynamic calculation. As a result, it is found that the method enables the qualitative changes in the evaluation index during optimization. The proposed method has potential to reduce time for the design study of running performance including ride comfort.

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