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Feasibility Study of Onboard PV for Passenger Vehicle Application (Second Report)


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Author(J)1) 廣田 壽男, 2) 金 英雄, 3) 小林 王義, 4) 紙屋 雄史, 5) 前島 聡, 6) 河本 桂一
Author(E)1) Toshio Hirota, 2) Kim Youngwoong, 3) Kimiyoshi Kobayashi, 4) Yushi Kamiya, 5) Satoru Maeshima, 6) Keiichi Komoto
Affiliation(J)1) 早稲田大学大学院, 2) 早稲田大学大学院, 3) 早稲田大学大学院, 4) 早稲田大学大学院, 5) 英弘精機, 6) みずほ情報総研


Abstract(E)On-board PV system was evaluated by simulation model of energy balance between the estimated PV generation by solar irradiation and vehicle energy consumption. Influence of vehicle usage pattern and weather condition on vehicle irradiation was defined by vehicle road tests and a simulation model. On-board PV has a potential to reduce vehicle energy consumption, well-to-wheel CO2 emission, and number of plug-in charging.

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