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  • Summary & Details

Application of Noise Map for the Prediction and Evaluation of Road Traffic Noise in Higashiosaka City


Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 跡部 哲士, 2) 齊藤 由典, 3) 原田 和典, 4) 大嶋 拓也, 5) 平栗 靖浩
Author(E)1) Satoshi Atobe, 2) Yoshinori Saito, 3) Kazunori Harada, 4) Takuya Oshima, 5) Yasuhiro Hiraguri
Affiliation(J)1) 日本ミシュランタイヤ, 2) 日本ミシュランタイヤ, 3) 岡山県立大学, 4) 新潟大学, 5) 近畿大学
Affiliation(E)1) Nihon Michelin Tire, 2) Nihon Michelin Tire, 3) Okayama Prefectural University, 4) Niigata University, 5) Kindai University


Abstract(E)In this study, application of noise map for the prediction and evaluation of road traffic noise are discussed for Higashiosaka City. The noise level and population exposure are assessed for several hypothetical cases, such as reduction of vehicle noise, adoption of porous asphalt pavement, vehicle speed equals to speed limit. The results reveal the usefulness and possibility of noise map adapted to Japan.

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