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  • Summary & Details

Temporal and Spatial Front Wheelhouse Wake on Changes in Vehicle Aerodynamic Performance


Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 倉谷 尚志, 2) 川村 哲裕, 3) 安保 慧
Author(E)1) Naoshi Kuratani, 2) Tetsuhiro Kawamura, 3) Kei Ambo
Affiliation(J)1) 本田技術研究所, 2) 本田技研工業, 3) 本田技研工業
Affiliation(E)1) Honda R&D, 2) Honda Motor, 3) Honda Motor


Abstract(E)Aerodynamic drag is one of the most important factors toward the realization of carbon neutral. And its contribution has become relatively higher than before. Temporal and spatial change in the flow around vehicle must be clarified to control aerodynamic forces such as drag and lift appropriately. In this study onboard PIV measurement system was developed to measure temporal and spatial velocity field around front wheelhouse. POD analysis of these data was applied to extract the features. The decrease in turbulent kinetic energy of front wheelhouse wake by aero device and rotating wheel reduces drag and flow fluctuation around vehicle.

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