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  • Summary & Details

Proposal of Concept Shape for Drastic Improvement of Aerodynamic Performance of Heavy-Duty Vehicles Optimization of Cab Shape

重量車の空力性能を飛躍的に向上させるコンセプト形状の提案 キャブ形状の最適化

Detailed Information

Author(J)1) 砥田 翔, 2) 奥井 義崇, 3) 梶田 雄大, 4) 和田 篤樹, 5) 山口 朋恵, 6) 川野 大輔
Author(E)1) Kakeru Toda, 2) Yoshitaka Okui, 3) Yudai Kajita, 4) Atsuki Wada, 5) Tomoe Yamaguchi, 6) Daisuke Kawano
Affiliation(J)1) 大阪産業大学大学院, 2) 大阪産業大学, 3) 大阪産業大学, 4) 大阪産業大学, 5) 大阪産業大学大学院, 6) 大阪産業大学
Affiliation(E)1) Osaka Sangyo University, 2) Osaka Sangyo University, 3) Osaka Sangyo University, 4) Osaka Sangyo University, 5) Osaka Sangyo University, 6) Osaka Sangyo University


Abstract(E)Improvement of aerodynamic performance of heavy-duty vehicles greatly contributes to improvement of fuel consumption. In this study, focusing on the cab shape of a truck, a rough shape model which could drastically improve aerodynamic performance was made by using bonnet height, front wind tilt angle, etc. as parameters, and more detailed shape was optimized by a multi-objective optimization method using a genetic algorithm.

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