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Calculation Method based on Regression Fuel Map and Equivalent Theoretical Cycle for fuel economy estimation


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Category(E)PPT slides
Author(J)1) 永野 秀明, 2) 土屋 諒太, 3) 郡 逸平, 4) 尾関 義一, 5) 追分 美代子
Author(E)1) Hideaki Nagano, 2) Ryota Tsuchiya , 3) Itsuhei Kohri, 4) Yoshiichi Ozeki, 5) Miyoko Oiwake
Affiliation(J)1) 東京都市大学, 2) 東京都市大学大学院, 3) 東京都市大学, 4) AGC, 5) AGC
Affiliation(E)1) Tokyo City University, 2) Graduate School of Tokyo City University, 3) Tokyo City University, 4) AGC, 5) AGC


Abstract(E)The various factors contributing to the heat balance such as the heat loss of the engine and the recovery efficiency by the turbocharger need to be considered properly to predict the fuel efficiency of engine vehicle and HVs. However, the specifications are often classified and that is why the detailed data could not be obtained. In the present study, the estimation method of some parameters including the thermal efficiency of the engine based only on published data and open information. The method assumes a theoretical cycle, which has an equivalent power output to an actual cycle.

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