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Characteristics of diesel combustion with oxygenated fuels and the potential for improvements in thermal efficiencies and emissions


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Category(E)PPT slides
Author(J)1) 小川 英之, 2) 河辺 隆夫, 3) 井ノ上 和憲, 4) 小橋 好充, 5) 柴田 元
Author(E)1) Hideyuki Ogawa, 2) Takao Kawabe , 3) Kazunori Inoue , 4) Yoshimitsu Kobashi , 5) Gen Shibata
Affiliation(J)1) 北海道大学大学院, 2) 北海道大学大学院, 3) 北海道大学大学院, 4) 北海道大学大学院, 5) 北海道大学大学院
Affiliation(E)1) Hokkaido University, 2) Hokkaido University, 3) Hokkaido University, 4) Hokkaido University, 5) Hokkaido University


Abstract(E)Ultra low exhaust gas emissions over wide operating ranges including stoichiometric conditions with combinations of highly oxygenated fuels, large quantities of cooled EGR, and a three-way catalyst were established in a diesel engine. The mechanism of afterburning reduction and the structure differences in the fuel spray with changing oxygen content of the fuel were investigated in a constant volume vessel, showing that higher oxygen content fuel can effectively reduce afterburning with smaller equibalance ratios in the inside of the spray. Higher indicted thermal efficiencies due to the reduction in afterburning with increasing oxygen contents were confirmed in second diesel engine.

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