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Compact and high-efficiency mechanical-winding-changeover motor drive system


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Category(E)PPT slides
Author(J)1) 高橋 暁史, 2) 杉本 愼治, 3) 西濱 和雄, 4) 隅田 悟士, 5) 谷口 峻
Author(E)1) Akeshi Takahashi, 2) Shinji Sugimoto, 3) Kazuo Nishihama, 4) Satoshi Sumita, 5) Shun Taniguchi
Affiliation(J)1) 株式会社 日立製作所, 2) 株式会社 日立製作所, 3) 株式会社 日立製作所, 4) 株式会社 日立製作所, 5) 株式会社 日立製作所
Affiliation(E)1) Hitachi, Ltd, 2) Hitachi, Ltd, 3) Hitachi, Ltd, 4) Hitachi, Ltd, 5) Hitachi, Ltd


Abstract(E)This report presents a mechanical winding-changeover system to reduce motor size and satisfies the wide-range rotation-torque (NT) characteristics required for heavy-duty trucks. We have adopted multi contacts to downsize the winding-changeover device and changed the winding connections: 1Y connection at low-speed and high-torque operation, whereas 2Y connection at high-speed and low-torque operation. FEA results showed that a 220 kW PM motor with the proposed winding-changeover system could satisfy the required NT curve with minimal motor-core-stuck length.

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