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Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer with In-tire Coils


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Category(E)PPT slides
Author(J)1) 角谷 勇人, 2) 高橋 英介, 3) 山口 宜久, 4) 谷 恵亮, 5) 清水 修, 6) 藤本 博志, 7) 郡司 大輔, 8) 桑山 勲
Author(E)1) Hayato Sumiya, 2) Eisuke Takahashi, 3) Nobuhisa Yamaguchi, 4) Keisuke Tani, 5) Osamu Shimizu, 6) Hiroshi Fujimoto, 7) Daisuke Gunji, 8) Isao Kuwayama
Affiliation(J)1) 株式会社デンソー, 2) 株式会社デンソー, 3) 株式会社デンソー, 4) 株式会社デンソー, 5) 東京大学, 6) 東京大学, 7) 日本精工, 8) ブリヂストン
Affiliation(E)1) DENSO CORPORATION, 2) DENSO CORPORATION, 3) DENSO CORPORATION, 4) DENSO CORPORATION, 5) The University of Tokyo, 6) The University of Tokyo, 7) NSK, 8) Bridgestone


Abstract(E)To reduce the leakage electromagnetic fields and to increase the efficiency of power transfer are the important issue for Dynamic wireless transfer system. In order to solve these problems, Shortening the gap between the transmitting and receiving coils is effective. Focusing on the tires, which are the only part of the automobile that is placed on the ground, we propose a new coil configuration in which the coils are placed inside the tire. The effectiveness of this method is demonstrated by simulations and experiments.

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