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Guidelines for Customer Notifications of Product/Process Changes(PCN) of Semiconductor devices for Automotive

Detailed Information

Scope(The annex is provided as a PDF attachment. After saving the file "tp22001-22_Annex.zi_", convert the extension to zip and decompress it before use.)
This techinical paper provides the guideline for the efficiency/reasonability on PCN operations of Semiconductor devices specifed for automotive applications.
This technical paper assumes three situations causing PCN; 1) Expansion of production capacity due to increased demand for mass-produced products, 2)Production line integration/transfer for aging production site/equipment, 3)Alternative production due to the disaster (ex. Earthquakes, flood and fire). Basically, it requires continuous supply of the “Compatible Products”, and targets PCN cases that are applied to reliable and stable processes, manufacturing methods, and materials with “Sufficient manufacturing result.
"Compatible products" means products semiconductor maker can keep the same part number and specification. (For example, changing bonding-wire material from Au to Cu is scope of this guideline if the semiconductor maker satisfies same parts-number/specification of PCN-product.)
“Sufficient production record” is not only a record for a specific user(ECU makers/Car makers), but also total production record of the semiconductor factories.
This technical paper provides guidelines for the process change notification process, not only between semiconductor makers and their users, but also between semiconductor makers / ECU makers / Car makers. (Including all parties involved in commercial distribution from semiconductor makers to car makers)

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